Line Management Development

We offer a range of training interventions for the core skills of any line manager - those things which a line manager has to do on a daily basis.

We cover skills such as:
Performance management
Feedback skills
Communication skills
Development planning
Recruitment skills

Depending on the needs of the client, these subjects can be delivered through a development programme, one to one coaching or a self-managed 70/20/10 development programme.

New Online Personal Development Club available
We are delighted to offer the opportunity to line managers to become members of our personal development club. Club members have access to an online resource offering video tutorials and enhanced 70/20/10 training materials on all the key management skills. Membership entitles users to not only access this information but also to access the skills of a Saffron training consultant to guide them through the learning.

Sally Franks of Saffron Training

Developing management skills...

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