Leadership Development

Saffron Training can help your leaders develop their skills in a number of different ways, including:

Setting and communicating vision
To get the best from your staff and meet your company objectives, it is absolutely critical for everybody to understand the company vision and the part they have to play in achieving this vision. Many leaders can find communicating a vision to be a challenge.

Strategy development
Developing strategy, particularly for smaller and growing businesses, can be difficult to do in isolation. Although the leadership team may have all the information to hand, without somebody to facilitate the process this can be a painful and time-consuming process. The advantage of having Saffron Training involved in this is that we can ask challenging questions, help focus your mind on the task, and use a range of tools to structure sessions in as efficient a ways as possible.

Motivating teams
Many leaders take their teams for granted and fail to get under their skin of the individuals in their team. Different people are motivated by different things. We help you to understand their needs and focus your efforts, so that your teams operate to their full potential.

Change management
Nobody really likes change, although it is a given and is almost constant in a modern business environment. We can provide a tool kit and programmes to help you to manage the change process much more smoothly.

Talent management
Growing your people, retaining your employees and making sure that you have the right people in the right roles are key to the success of any organisation. Stretching managers and giving people new experiences helps those individuals to prepare for their next role in the organisation. This forms part of a long term plan of developing people to help meet the company’s vision and strategy.

Organisational Development
We help organisations to have the right structures, people and skillsets in place for them to operate at their full potential. We work with our clients to help them put solutions in place to overcome challenges in this area, such as through coaching, individual or group training programmes.

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